“A Stoic is someone who transforms fear into prudence,
pain into transformation, mistakes into initiation,
and desire into undertaking.”
–  Nassim Nicholas Taleb

| Climbing Seven Summits & lava manufacturing machines for Satoshi | 

Taking crypto to the heights it has not been before

Firing this dream are causes that is close to my heart:                                      1. To inspire people with my story
2. To raise global awareness about BTC and the crypto universe
3. To build at least one school in one of the remote village in the Himalayas

Climbing Phase One

Phase One of the climbing project.

In Phase One of this incredible journey, the task is to climb the highest mountain in Europe and Africa + a surprise. A journey across two continents where I will be at altitudes above 5000m. Climbing Mt. Elbrus and Mt. Kilimanjaro marks Phase 1 of my climbing project.

Climbing Mt. Elbrus and Mt. Kilimanjaro marks Phase 1 of my climbing project and the beginning of a new journey for crypto.

From the foothills of the Himalayas in India to the highest single free-standing mountain in the world to the highest peak in Europe.

It’s a personal quest. These Mountains have fascinated me not only for the challenge they pose but also because of the myths and heroic tales that surround them.

About me:

Long story short, Six years ago I was in a car crash. I was rushed to hospital with life-threatening injuries & spent months recovering after undergoing surgery to replace shattered C2 bone with a platinum screw.


Initially, Doctors told me that there is a 95% chance of me becoming quadriplegic after surgery and I may never walk again. The surgery was a success. But I couldn’t walk or move my neck. Lying on the bed at the lowest point in my life, I promised myself that one day I will get up, learn to stand again, walk and then climb the highest peaks in the world.


After extensive rehabilitation(3 and a half months), I walked and after a year I trekked to 5000m and have not looked back since then.

You can read more on this incident and my struggle here.

My Why:

So, after all this WHY would anyone take on the challenge of climbing mountains, in some harsh and challenging terrain? Because regardless of what happens in our lives we all need to find a way to move on.


I didn’t want one mistake to define my future, nobody should define themselves by their mistakes and let that be the end of their story. I believe the human spirit is capable of healing, growth and new beginnings.


So all this has led me here, to this moment, attempting to climb these highest mountains – It’s crazy, but honestly, there is no other way to live than to live completely.

We will 'OUR WANT'!

My name is Vikram Jeet Singh Parmar.

I am appealing to you to seek your participation in helping me do what I do best and in turn do something for the crypto community that has never been done before.

Spreading goodness: Building a school


Thousands of children still don’t have access to education in remote villages in the Himalayan foothills. In the course of completion of the whole project, I aim to raise enough funds to build a school in one of these remote villages. I will use this platform and its reach to accomplish this task with help from all of you. The village ill be identified in partnership with local authorities.


I have been venturing to the Himalayas for over 5 years to train myself for seven summits. During these expeditions, I gained the necessary technical skills to be able to climb these mountains safely.


Since I began, I have been part of more than 20 Himalayan expeditions including a virgin peak. In August-September 2018, I climbed my first two 6000m peaks, the highest being 6253m. I’ve also done more than 100 treks in the foothills of the Himalayas.
Vikram Jeet Singh Parmar wearing Rayban sunglasses
However, climbing these mountains is also a huge financial undertaking apart from the physical and mental training that one has to undergo.


For the financial aspect – I’m seeking sponsorship from interested businesses and donations from the community for my groundbreaking and historic expedition to take BTC and crypto to the highest peaks of the world.


To give the message of freedom and Satoshi.


Few in the world are capable of attempting or succeeding at an endeavour of such immense skill, endurance and logistical capabilities.

How you can help?

Connect me to some brands:

I am keen to collaborate with brands that resonate with my values and pioneer visionary dreams. I dream of many more milestones beyond mountaineering achievements, especially towards giving back to the community and world, what I have gained through my experiences in an innovative manner. In case you know someone higher on the corporate ladder please connect me with them for potential sponsorship. I have not an inch of doubt that the corporate will be happy to help and get associated with this project.

Connect me to some crypto millionaires:

There are many crypto millionaires that would love to help his cause.
In case you know someone who may want to help, do let them know about my project.

Tweet to influential people:

Tweet, share, mail, social media tagging of crypto company owners like CZ_binance, Jack, CryptoKobain influencers, athletes, journalists, designers, corporate, industrialists etc. Every bit counts.

Sharing is Caring:

Share the fundraising page with your CT friends and ask them to share too!
A drop from everyone will create an ocean.

Help fund:

I understand it’s hard-earned money for everyone. Instead of 1 person spending 1000 we can get 10 people contributing 100.


I have to raise funds by November 30, 2021, to book my slots with the expedition companies. Your every share helps.


The amount raised will be used for buying equipment, travel, lodging, expedition cost, training for the peaks under mentors, making a professional documentary to be sent to film festivals all over the world etc. I will be sharing regular updates once the funds have been raised. If we raise over the budget then the amount will be carried over to phase two of the project – highest peaks in S.America & N.America.

On the entire journey, I will also be capturing footage myself to make a documentary about the climbs once I am back.

I will be utilizing the services of professionals to make a very good documentary. The last documentary I made in 2020 out of the footage I shot while climbing two 6000m has won 30 plus awards in various film festivals around the world.
You can view it here. The password to watch is 7000m

The campaign supporters will have their names in the credit section of the documentary film that I will make.

Pinnacle - documentary by vikram jeet singh parmar
Thanks once again for making it to the end.
With your support I will get there.

Best Regards,

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"The depth of any story is proportionate to the protagonist's commitment to their goal, the complexity of the problem, and the grace of the solution."

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